A Community Wiki Attempt to create an "introduction/must-read for newcomers"

Inspired by the Discord conversations here, this is an attempt to draft up an introduction that tries to best explain what this community is and what a newcomer can expect.

Welcome to the community!

This community is primarily focused on ….
[History of the community. It was founded in … by …. There are around … people.]

There are two venues for engaging in this community:

This community has many goals, which may overlap, diverge, contradict, emerge, vary over time, or even be undefined. Some of those goals or visions are to:

  • Crowdsource research
  • Bridge the gap between the user communities and founders surrounding different apps

We recognize two modes of engagement, called “discuss mode” and “build mode” (also known as “thread mode” and “document mode”).

  • The purpose of “discuss mode” is …. Conversations on the Discord chat server or in Discourse forum threads are generally part of “discuss mode.”
  • The purpose of “build mode” is ultimately to produce a long-lasting knowledge base or wiki; this is achieved through transferring, editing, refactoring, and synthesizing what was learned from the discussions into a more concise, objective document. Building occurs on Discourse in “community wiki” posts – it is maintenance, as opposed to discussion.

At times, some participants like to switch modes. Participation is optional.

[Link to rules.]

[Some of the community’s projects include …]

Where to start?

  • Introduce yourself …

Feel free to discuss or build upon this topic if you think of other goals!

I am opening this thread as a wiki, which the admin and anyone with higher privileges could edit. While anyone can post their thoughts and ideas as separate replies to this topic, motivated members will be identified and given the necessary privileges, in order to be able to contribute to the wiki directly.

Disclaimer: This is only to prevent unnecessary confusions by opening the wiki for everyone to edit.

Current editors: All @admins, @ilmeschinocalunniato and @KGBicheno.

If this is regarding the member count, we might wanna skip that part as it is bound to change.

On the other hand, it could be a fun task revising it once in while :wink:

Seems like a great idea. I’d be interested to learn more from it.