A Hashtag for Browser Extensions?

I did a search here for #browser-extension(s) and didn’t see one.

My reasons for asking are:

  1. What browser-specific extensions are people using to gather/capture information from the web, whether it is for research, school, personal, etc?
  2. How do these extensions help in our productivity and or tie into other applications we may be using?
  3. As a means for capturing discussions around browser extensions while using the search field here on The Productivists
  4. Is there enough discussion or interest in this topic to warrant the creation of said hashtag?



Good idea! I’ve added it: #Browser-Extension

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Great! Thanks!

I like the idea. I’ve installed a bunch of Chrome extensions and I like some of what some of them enable. I don’t know of anywhere to get good suggestions. I’ve thought that I’d even like to create some extensions, but I would not want to spend a bunch of effort to make an inferior contribution.

There must be someplace, where browser extensions are discussed, but I’ve not seen it, yet.

Thanks to both of you for mentioning it and also for adding the hashtag.


That was my intention - I had a link I wanted to share and then realized there wasn’t much discussion here around that topic (at least on my initial search). So, here we go!