A quick summary on things i like about RemNote

I have used RemNote extensively in the past, especially for studying and i found it to be a great tool for PKM in general . For some reason , albeit it was the first to implement most of the features that it’s competitors are struggling to release even now , it has always remained as the underdog and hasn’t received the limelight that it truly deserves , IMO.

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with RemNote in any way . Just another user here :slight_smile:

There are a few things that i like about RemNote :

  1. Every bullet/node in the outliner is a Rem , no distinction between pages and blocks as in Roam . Every Rem can be a document or folder by itself . It’s only different by function , not by features . Hence , you don’t have different conventions to search for and reference these Rems .
    [[ is the only keystroke you need to use for referencing everything .

  2. The auto search bar that drops down once you highlight a text . It searches the entire database and brings back relevant results , imagine an unlinked reference that searches the entire database everytime you highlight a piece of text and i also think its a fuzzy search (haven’t really tested it)

  3. The ability to traverse through through the tree structure when you are using [[ for referencing . This is something that Roam had adopted quite recently , and i guess they need another set of keystroke to be remembered and used for this ? By using Tab and Shift + Tab , you can simply travel through the entire database inside the autocomplete drop down box and you can even create new Rems without having to go to that specific page(Rem)

  4. It’s a very nice WYSIWYG editor . Dot.

  5. Tags are treated differently from references . More visually distinct than how roam and obsidian treat it . Tags are also rems at the end of the day .They have a few distinct features , when you open a rem (zoom into) that has been tag , it shows separate counts and backlinks for when it was tagged and referenced . It gives you more value as one tends to use tagging as an organisational tool , while we reserve referencing for connections . The distinction is clear .

    Tags , allow you to carry over templates . You can pre-define slots inside a rem that you wish to use as a tag and when you tag another using this , it gives you the option to automatically add these slots to the rem . This replaces the need to use a text expander (simplest use case) but there are a lot more uses to this

    Tags, also can be nested and carry a sort of type or template through the lineage .For eg, War could be a parent tag , you can tag World War as a war and it would automatically carry over the template from war to world war if you wish to .What this means is , if you tag another rem with world war, you get the template of war directly as well . This is a nice feature , especially in medicine, where my templates for diseases can transfer over to sub-categories , and i can keep track of every aspect as a whole

    But, it could be made more powerful IMO. Like for example, if we search for war, apart from listing out all the rems that have been tagged directly with it , if there was an option to also bring in the results that were tagged with world war (its child tag), that would be great. It’s completely doable , guess just hasn’t been requested enough .

  6. Portals are a very nice way of multi tasking and a better way of embedding blocks / pages. RemNote also keeps track of how many times a certain rem is embedded in different places of the knowledge base (through portals) as a separate backlink. So we get tags , references and exists in n number of documents as separate backlinks. Definitely gives a more clear picture than when you have hundreds of backlinks that aren’t segregated .

  7. Search portals are good base structures for querying, although the only operations that are possible now are OR and isDescendent .

  8. The utility of RemNote is highest when it comes to studying ; the ability to create flashcards as you create your knowledge base is the most unobtrusive experience i have had so far . Also , they come with an inbuilt philosophy of studying , the concept and descriptor framework . It’s beautifully embedded into the system and works great. Anyone who’s ever used anki to create and maintain flashcards will completely agree that RemNote is a godsend , albeit the scheduler is not yet as powerful as the one anki has , but they are improving it constantly

I haven’t covered the disadvantages or limitations of the tool here , i hope to do that soon :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask away anything regarding this and i will be happy to answer with what i know :slight_smile:


Hi Karthikk thanks for this summary which is in-depth and insightful.

I am particularily interested in your point about RemNote Tags can be nested, we know that nested tags or folders can be very useful in linking and searching for networked-knowledge base.
And I was wondering if you could, in another post, provide a practical use-case or workflow in how to use that nesting feature. Perhaps using the example you sited with War > World-War > Europe > France battle fields… etc. and see how we can impement such an application.

There are very few analytic and to the point reviews about RemNote to be found out there! Which perhaps can explain why RemNote is not as well-known as the others for now. In particular there are very few Use-Cases illustration for practical learning about how to use RemNote in difference aspects of usage, besides the Study and Learning scenario.

This is a pity as RemNote really encompass most of the strength of the other most popular networked-notetaking Apps on the current market. Yet RemNote also offers lots of unique and advanced features which the others are just trying to scale up to; like Portals, Hierarchical Search, Alias, Power-Up, Concepts & Descriptors, etc.

I wonder if it’s because RemNote does not spend much effort in their “mass-marketing”, or is it because most Users of RemNote are really more education-learning related audiences, so that there are not enough PKM followers to advocate about RemNote itself.
What is your take on this?