Alphasmart + ObsidianMD

I’m typing this on an Alphasmart. This was an old typing device from the 90’s. You can ONLY type on it. When you’ve finished, you plug it into a USB port (or use a USB to bluetooth adapter), and either press SEND to retype what you’ve written, or use the Alphasync app on Mac only to backup the 8 files to a folder with the date that you’ve synced it.

I have that backup folder going into my Obsidian vault and the txt-as-md plugin enabled.

The advantages of this system are many, but I’ve only just started and I’m interested in your thoughts to make it even better.

The advantage of using this type-only machine is that there’s no distractions. The funny thing is that even using an app with minimal distractions on screen, just the association of the laptop seems to slow down what I achieve. Likewise, even though my typing on a phone is pretty fast, the interaction with the Alphasmart is different. One thing I’ve noticed is that I have a habit with stream of consciousness, as I’m doing now. Apologies for that. Let’s continue.

You can still link and tag things, of course. You just have to remember those tags and links. That’s a good thing if you’ve never got used to auto-completion.

I’ve been using it mostly for drafting forum posts. I have a “TO” tag, which I then follow with the destination. I think this isn’t a good format to use? I’d prefer to move this into 50-Outbox/ where the 0=unprocessed.

I also need to figure out how to get a single file into multiple files? The Alphasmart only has 8 slots available.