Analog anybody?

I know it’s a time when everyone is going full-on digital. Be it task management, projects, calendars, note-taking, blah blah blah.

But I would like to know if anyone here uses analog methods like:

  1. bullet journal to keep track of things
  2. notepad for capturing random things
  3. pen and paper to take notes (or notecards)
  4. keeps a daily journal
  5. and anything interesting to add?

And if yes, does it make a difference using the things that don’t need a processor?
What are your methods?

This is for people who want to reduce their screen time and really want to get things done without distractions…

Been using pen-and-paper for a few years now, would never leave it.

I don’t use to “capture” as much, I find digital tools do a better job of that.
Ditto for a “formal” daily journal.

Instead, I use it for “a few minutes of brainstorming”, I think as long as we continue to be flesh-and-blood human beings, an activity like this will always be therapeutic and creative. I also do “informal” journalling, which is a few minutes at some random time of the day, and sometime "capture’ the image of that (not usually).

To summarize: pen-and-paper has a physical, tactile “feel” that won’t go away, I see them as another way to augment our thinking-and-acting processes.

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That summarization could not have been any better!

And yes, pen and paper does make sense when you want to remember something for a long time or to ‘make it stick’.

I think I achieve that with the Apple Pencil :wink: best of both worlds !

I mainly resort to drawing / writing things down on my iPad , for brainstorming sessions .

But I generally come across two kinds of these sessions :

  1. When I have tapped into a specific ideology and my neurons are firing fast . In this case , I find myself needing to pen down all my thoughts as fast and reliable as possible . In this case , I find that handwritten mode is heavily limiting . I resort to typing , especially using outliners to capture this fast stream of thoughts .
  2. When I am stuck with an idea and would like to first assess how much it has already developed and pursue possible avenues after that assessment . This is when I am pushing my brain to think and not following a readily available stream of thoughts and for this using the iPad to draw/map out my existing thoughts and reflections , seems to work best . It slows down my thinking , puts me in focus mode , gives me visual cues etc.

It does make it a better alternative!

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