Any Favorite Chrome Extensions or Web Services to do Research?

As you may already know, I’m working on trying to figure out how to process bookmarks. According to my phone, I have a collection of 12,xxx+ Chrome bookmarks. The pace at which I’m discovering new things just continues to increase. As I encounter new things, which interest me, I tend to make a bookmark for them. I do this in hope that I’ll be able to make time or tools to further explore the topics.

My current process is to see, if the link I’m looking at, in the browser, has already been bookmarked. If a bookmark already exists, I usually move on to the next thing. If it appears to be new (no bookmark), I usually create a folder based on my best understanding of the topic, or I might try to find a folder which has bookmarks which are related, if I recall that I have already encountered many other things that seem like the new thing, in some way. It would be nice to have a way to quickly search for previously created bookmarks on the subject.

I then add a bookmark to the new or existing folder, and usually I’ll do a Google search and bookmark any other pages which show up and seem to add more information about the subject. For example, if it’s a programming language, there might be a web page, a documentation site, a source code repository, and bloggers who give their take on the topic. I’ll typically add links to all those kinds of resources to the folder as well.

I’d like to simplify (automate) the gathering of data (bookmark creation). There are a bunch of bookmarking extensions in the Chrome Web Store. I’ve bookmarked and played with a bunch of them. A couple have some nice features, but after a while, they all seem to run together. I’m just wondering if anyone has found and validated any valuable additions to what Chrome already does with bookmarks.

Another part, of the discovery process, is to understand what a particular thing (programming language, gadget, technology, etc.) actually is. Doing a Google search is my current go to method, but I’ve seen some services like:,, and probably others which seem like they might be a good way to discover what things are, or how they relate. Anyone know of any other such sites? There was one called Brainspace? which seems to have vanished.

My next step is then to try and figure out what I want to do with all this information. Is there a good next level of processing? Is this where Zettelkasten tools come into play? Anyone know of other techniques to make sense of massive amounts of information?

I may have already mentioned this, but I recall that years ago, I imagined some kind of virtual reality setup, where I could fly through collections of data and zoom in on topics of interest in an interactive fashion.

Anyone else made any progress on this kind of adventure? I know I’m not alone, since every time I try to find a really good bookmarks manager, I read stories about how people get frustrated and eventually just give up. I’m not satisfied with that outcome.

David Garner