Anyone have a favorite shopping list app?

I use Android phone, tablets, Chromebook and Windows 10 Home computer.

I’m currently using Microsoft ToDo as a shopping list as well as a bunch of other things.

I have a Buy folder with a Buy list and a Food list in it. As I identify (use up, or miss) something that we should purchase, I make an entry in the Buy or Food category. I have the completed items displaying below the active items in the lists. The lists are sorted alphabetically. If I want to add a frequently purchased item, I just scroll down to it in the completed list, and tap the completed checkmark. This moves it back into the active area.

I can access ToDo from all my devices. I can, although I have not completed setting this up, share these lists with my wife. We shared lists on Wunderlist, but she is not really that much into computers, so I currently just discuss things with her. She tells me if I need to add something to the list and asks me if I know of anything we need when she is placing an order.

This works pretty well, as far as it goes. I’ve dreamed of having a reminder for frequently purchased items, which would track and remind based on how often we buy something, not just a list of all the things that we have bought previously. Sometimes, Target’s app does a pretty good job of suggesting repeat purchases, but not always.

I’d also like to have a cost per unit history to use to guide store selection and know if the sale price is really a bargain.

It would be really nice to do comparison shopping from one app. I’ve not seen this done well.

I’d also like to do a better job of couponing, but none of the apps that I’ve tried even approached making this painless enough to actually attempt on a regular basis.

I’ve stumbled across virtual assistant integration from time to time, but have not yet taken the time to explore this space.

Any suggestions on how to make shopping more automatic, and less painful?

As far as I know, currently none do all of this. For each of the stuff you are asking there are different applications specifically dedicated, but none having everything at once (To my knowledge) which will make your shopping experience more painful instead as you will have to manually add the items in each different app. I also suggest you post this on the discord group as someone else who is not on the forum could have the answer.