Assembling a Team for a New Product : Project PCPI

Hi, Everyone.

Today I want to share with you the beginning of what feels like my life’s work. I conceptualised and completed designing a product code-named as PCPI (formerly, known as Project MEMEX). I am looking for people to build it with me and see it through in the coming years. And the journey towards finding the technical founder begins today.

A company is not actually defined by it’s product, but by the problem it attempts to solve. The question it asks. And the answer it finds. The question I’m chasing is in the domain of tools for thought. In the journeys that inspire creativity, we will be focusing on the consumption and curation aspect on the Internet. “How shall we be ideally consuming content?” and “What shall be shared while making an effective recommendation?” PCPI is meant to solve for both these questions at scale. While creating many by-products along the way.

PCPI is a (1) “non-prescriptive”, (2) curation platform. Let’s talk about (2) first.

Just like Instagram brings out the photographer in everyone, I want to bring out the curator in everyone. For that, PCPI enables users to mindfully consume content and can then express their taste in works of curation. (Read that again)

I’ve designed the tools and flows necessary for this, and the format in which these works of curation will be shared. This format is most importantly agnostic to all types of media. And can hence become THE format in which all works of curation is shared. And that makes for an invaluable platform. It can possibly inspire a creator-curator-consumer economy of it’s own.

Every platform demonstrates a particular dynamic: “Come for the Tool, Stay for the Network.” For Instagram, that was filters. For YouTube, sending large videos. For Snapchat, creating and sending ephemeral content.

As described above, I’ve designed the tools for curation. Now it must be networked into meaningful social activities. For this, I’ve created a unique type of feed (it is some combination of Streams and Containers of Content), Inboxes, Semi-Private/Private messaging, etc. I can walk you through the design demos in a Live Zoom Call.

Now the (1) “non-prescriptive”.

Let’s say, we’re tasked with designing a news app. We can design something like Apple News, inShorts, Flipboard, etc. Or we can design something like Twitter. While Twitter is the go-to place to share news, it continues to be used for a variety of purposes. It doesn’t prescribe it’s users for what specific purposes the platform must be used. Unlike Facebook, which prescribes “Connecting with Friends” or LinkedIn, which prescribes “Connecting with Business Connections”. Twitter allows you to communicate whatever you deem fit through it’s Medium Format. Similar to Twitter, PCPI doesn’t prescribe the purpose for which it should used. While it was designed in the image of a curation platform, users can come up with all sorts of ways to use the tools at disposal. And hence, I say,

PCPI is a “non-prescriptive” curation platform.

For this, I am looking to assemble a team. And I am looking for a Technical Co-Founder, first and foremost. I only expect you to be sufficiently skilled for and inherently curious about products like PCPI. This is why I come to this community to begin my search.

You may ask your questions below this post, or connect on Twitter DMs, E-Mail (, and on any platform including Discord under the id: abhishek1point0

We will engage in a few conversations to begin with, both on e-mail and Zoom Call. I will walk you through the Design Demos to create a clear sense of what we wish to be building. Then, we will do a small project together, which will hold real value in it’s output. This will help us assess if we are the right fit for each other while making something useful. Ofcourse, I am open to how you wanna take things forward.

As I read this letter again, I realize that we live in really exciting times; and there’s an adventure coming ahead of us. It is an absolute pleasure to be among all of you. I am curious to hear all of your thoughts. Please share this post with anyone to whom it might be relevant.

Abhishek Agarwal.

PS. Everything you may wish to know about me can be found on my website linked in my Profile.