Best calendar apps? Any interesting interop methods to share?

When I was still working, we used Lotus Notes for many years. A couple of years before I retired, as part of the digital transformation of the company, we moved to the Microsoft stack and we moved to Outlook for our calendaring system. Since most of my life was spent in front of the computer, at work, when I got a smartphone and started trying to use it to help me get better organized, I started with ToDo apps to allow me to track the activities that I wanted to remember. I finally found Wunderlist to record my various categories of things that I wished to pay attention to. As that method of organization evolved and I started sharing some of my lists (groceries in particular) with my wife and becoming the primary driver for doctor’s appointments, I started to use the date feature in Wunderlist for everyday events and birthday/anniversary reminders.

When Microsoft bought and finally shut down Wunderlist, I started using Google Calendar for calendar things and Microsoft ToDo for list things.

I’ve been signing up for and scheduling all kinds of virtual events. It turns out that I don’t actually get around to participating in most of the events that I schedule, but they have taken over the calendar in some weeks. I need to explore how to have multiple calendars for different kinds of things. I think it’s possible, but have not spent the time to investigate and implement it yet.

I’m beginning to run Outlook for e-mail since FOSSAMAIL is no longer being supported and Dragon Naturally Speaking works better with Outlook than FOSSAMAIL. I wonder if I should try to use Outlook for calendaring. I’m not aware if Microsoft and Google play nice in this arena, but it would be cool if they did.

Any interesting tools missing from my tool box?