Collaborative Information Collection and Sharing Facilities?

I’m looking for more resources that enable collaborative collection and sharing of information. Places like GitHub for open source projects and Wikipedia for general knowledge.

KnowledgePicker: is one such site, which sounds like an interesting project. I like the sound of what they are attempting to accomplish, but find it kind of confusing to use their current incarnation. I’m particularly fond of the idea of teamwork and built-in double checking by other users.

Trove: Home / Trove is another share your thoughts and information site.

Wakelet: provides the ability to share information. Seems to be targeted toward an education audience. Let your bookmarks organize themself.

Deepstash: Discover & share ideas that matter.

Refind: I’m still trying to make sense of this one.

I think I found three of these in the same Reddit thread. I’m guessing there must be a bunch more out there.


Hi David,

Thanks for this list. Really useful as I wasn’t aware of most of these.

I’m building an app myself that might be of interest:

It’s aimed primarily at History and general knowledge enthusiasts, as it allows for all notes to be kept on a world map and timeline of human history. And there’s also a collaborative aspect to it.

I’d be very happy to discuss and give you a demo if interested? Would love to hear your thoughts and find out what functionality you’re looking for specifically.

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Glad you found the list useful. As I think I said, I’m looking for other such projects. There seem to be a bunch of similar, but different approaches.

Thanks for sharing PolyBook. I’m impressed by the level of polish your app shows, it just feels professional. I’m trying to imagine a collection of thinking tools, or programming technologies as the subject matter. It just feels to me that it would not scale well.

I have never understood history. Looking at the main entry page of your app makes me want to run away. I guess it kind of feels like a massive amount of reading assignments staring at me all at once? The location and timeline aspects seem that they would be useful for history, but not so much for what I’m trying to accomplish. Their existence makes me wonder what other ways of thinking about things might be possible and practical.

I might say that it also reminds me of the attempt that Google made to make their Chrome bookmark feature more visual. Thankfully, they reverted to the current implementation. I like the treeview textual implementation much more than the more pretty one they tried to change to for a few months.

I don’t know if you have considered a tree or outline presentation, or maybe your app has such a thing and I just failed to see it?

My use case, as far as I can put my finger on it, is a tool which will facilitate organizing my huge browser bookmark collection. I have stored information, about lots of things, which I would like to learn more about. So far, I think the project has expressed the overall picture of what I’m trying to do, but so far, their implementation has not gotten very close to the specific functionality that I think is needed to do what I want to do. They have only been working on it for two years, and seem to be eager to get feedback. I have no idea how long it might take them to get to the stage where I could even start to try and use it to do, what I want to make happen.

I’d be interested to hear, if anything I’ve said, has caused you to think about an approach that I might not have considered.

David Garner

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Just ran across another service:

More of a bookmarking service, so far, but they are describing a lot of collaborative ideas to be implemented eventually.


Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time for this feedback. It’s great to hear. Yeah I can see how Polybook isn’t suited for your uses. Seems like you’re more on the lookout for web clipping or bookmarking as a primary way to import knowledge - if all your resources are online.

You should check out - and - both new indie projects by great founders. Also maybe

Polybook is much more specific to history / culture / travel - the idea being that you can quick capture historical knowledge from podcasts / docs / films / class / conversations / museums / galleries / heritage sites etc… i.e. places that would be hard or impossible with a webclipper. It’s designed specifically to store knowledge of long-view human and global history - as for this one goal there’s very few other tools out there, whereas webclipping / bookmarking field is much more crowded with and pocket etc…

Your feedback on the homepage / information-overload is really interesting though, even if you’re not the target audience. I’ll ask around and see if other people find this, might be reason to try simplfy or reduce the content on display.

Thanks again and all the best with your search.

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Wow, Four links (three I had not heard of before). All seem quite interesting. I look forward to digging into them further.

Thanks again for sharing your project. I hope some of the feedback might be useful to you.

David Garner

I imagine you must have looked at bookmark managers already? Several of them include collaborative features of various levels. It doesn’t seem to be the potentially larger-scale open sharing that you may have in mind, but might be a step toward. A few examples I’ve come across recently: