Collection of mental model resources

Hello All.

Posting some resources for learning more about mental models as mentioned by @Karthikk

Web Resources

  1. Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models Explained)- Farnam Street
  2. The Ultimate Guide to First-Principles Thinking
  3. Mental Models Academy


  1. Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann
  2. Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlier Munger
  3. 100 MENTAL MODELS - Ebook + Resources

Online Course / Club
Mental Model Of The Month Club
While this is a bit pricey option, well worth checking out if you want to delve deep. The quality of material and course content is top-notch. Curated by Michael Simmons and Eben Pagan.
I see that they have some promotions going on currently for annual and lifetime membership.
Just so you know, it’s not an affiliate link!! :smile:

Please feel free to add more resources you have come across. We can make this into an excellent repository.


109 models! :exploding_head:

Thanks for the reading material, this will take me a while. :smile:

The most recent brief overview of mental models I read was on Ness Labs:

And a short but useful article on some basic ways to evaluate your mental models (helpful if you have 109 of them!):

Nothing revolutionary there, but a good place to start, I think. It can be an overwhelming information space, as your links above show. :grin:

We might eventually want to make your post into a Wiki entry and, as you say, turn it into a great repository! Let’s see what others have to add…


Forgot to add one gumroad ebook which I purchased off late. Editing the post to add this under Books section


Yes, I really like Ness Labs for lucidly explaining concepts, thanks for sharing.

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Did everyone (who did not already reply) miss this one like I did?

What about making it a Wiki, as mentioned in the post? Is there enough interest, to do so?

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We can certainly do so at any time. Did you have anything you wanted to add already, or just wanting to set the stage for better collaboration on it over time?

It’s been a while, but I don’t think I really had anything else to add, or I would have done it in my post. I think I was probably thinking that the idea of a Wiki might encourage more interaction. I guess that has not been the experience in the apps wiki post, so I’m probably mistaken, in thinking that it would matter.

I read a book on Wikis, a number of years ago, and even had some good experience at work, with co-workers sharing useful information, before I retired.

Just because it’s a Wiki, does not mean that anyone would use the functionality.

Yeah, that’s certainly true. And I would say in particular in the Discourse implementation of a Wiki, it is rather less obvious and thus less likely to be used by more casual members. Nevermind, I just discovered I can style the Wiki topics separately from regular ones. So now there’s a clickable sort of “banner” at the top of Wiki pages that will hopefully let people know they’re different, and editable. Have a look:

Hopefully that helps a bit…

That looks like a significant improvement to me. Thanks for figuring it out and doing it.

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