Computer audio interface quest

I’ve spent the last half of my life attempting to find the ideal computer audio interface. Most of the candidates have been wireless headsets. The vast majority, of the more or less satisfactory ones, have been BlueTooth headsets.

I used to think my ideal headset would be an over the head, two earpiece device with adjustable boom microphone. My thinking was that I could listen to stereo content and still be able to talk to the electronic device that I was connected to or patriciate in a voice conversation.

My current thinking is that a single earpiece with adjustable boom microphone, over the head design is the most universal solution. It’s my understanding that many states have laws against driving with both ears covered. I have also come to understand that it can be important to be aware of one’s surroundings, even when one would prefer to block everything out and concentrate on a single task. Sometimes, phone calls, doorbells, calls to come eat, etc. can be important to not miss out on life.

I see people, mostly on TV, wearing ear buds, but I can’t imagine my ears liking that very much. I’ve tried several, small, in the ear designs, but never could tolerate them for any extended period of time. The microphones on all of those devices, that I have tried, are just way too sensitive to be used anywhere except in a very quiet room. The person on the other end of a phone conversation, or worse yet, the voice recognition system, got way too much input and my ears are too sensitive to tolerate that kind of intrusion for any period of time. The battery life on those units is usually pretty limited.

My current favorite headset is a light weight, single ear, over the head, with adjustable noise canceling boom microphone, called a BlueParrott B350-XT, made by Jabra. It is designed for use by over the road truckers. The noise canceling microphone is pretty good at rejecting background noise. It has a very long (day or two) rechargeable battery life. It works well with my Windows PC, Android phone and Chromebook.

I like the fact that I can connect it to my Android phone and listen to podcasts, but easily activate the Google Assistant to get the temperature or time, or place or answer a phone call or send a text message without taking my phone out of my pocket, and then when I was done with the Google Assistant, the podcast would resume where it left off. This was very convenient when I was working on cleaning and repairing a house that I was trying to get ready to sell. I spent many hours learning new things while cleaning or painting rooms.

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