Do you use Zettelkasten? What attracted you to it?

Are you a regular user of the Zettelkasten method? How long have you been using it and what results have you noticed over that time? What attracted you to it in the first place? What tools and workflow do you use to realize your Zettelkasten?

To be honest I’m a bit of a skeptic, but I’m definitely curious to know what has worked for you!


I guess there are a few posts here that I missed, I try to make it here, to check for new posts, every day or two, but looks like there are a few messages from before I subscribed, that I missed.

Likewise, Oshyan, I’ve been trying to follow the discussions at I have not tried to use any of the Zettelkasten techniques, yet, but I have enjoyed reading about what others have to share about their experiences, and the various tools that they have tried.

It seems to me, from reading posts on that forum, that if you want it to work, you need to spend considerable time and effort to build and tune the system. I think I’m waiting for someone to develop better automation, or for the needed insight to try developing some more automated approach, myself. Even though I’m retired, now, I can’t see having the kind of time, that appears to be required, to make the existing systems useful.

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