Graphs , graphs , graphs 🗺

Seeing how much interest the topic of visualising the PKB via graphs was in twitter , starting a topic here to collaborate with everyone . This is going to be an interesting one .

Just to seed the conversation :


I thought of a really general use-case for this, which builds on that last link.

Pretty much, the idea is to use graphs as a core tool for collecting creative output, enjoying it, making your own, and sharing it in an understandable format.


I swear I saw someone has made a Neo4j plugin or script for Obsidian. I’ll try find it now.

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Here it is, hot off the forums.

Editor’s note @KGBicheno: if you have your URL on its own line and not titled, it turns into a “onebox”, which is generally nicer. :slight_smile:

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This is some next level amazing find ! We should save this somewhere , something like great finds or resources or something .
@Oshyan what do you think ?


Interesting point. If we want to maintain and surface good resources and references over time, we might need a dedicated area for that so they don’t clutter up the main discussion. If we could pin topics per-tag that would be the ideal solution, but it’s not an option yet, it seems:

For now I think I’d edit and add it to the original post, perhaps… But open to other ideas for how best to handle this, for sure.