Greetings – Taylor Hadden, creator of Tangent

Hi there! I’m the creator of Tangent, a markdown note writing app focused on making it easy to explore your thoughts. I developed Tangent to better enable my “Wikilogging” writing practice, which I share on my “Wikiblog” Everything *Abridged

I’m a tools engineer at Obsidian Entertainment, and I have a lifelong obsession with searching for the best thought management tools.

Hi. What are your favorite places to discover thought management tools?

If you have been doing this your entire life, you probably have found some good places to find things.

I find things everywhere.

A long time ago, magazines and shareware sites were where I discovered things. I’m not sure where I found Trello, but I found Notion several years later by searching for “alternatives to Trello”.

I found from listening to the Cortex podcast with CGP Grey and Myke Hurely. That’s been a great resource these last few years.

Usually raw web searches have fed my curiosity when I feel the itch to look for a new tool.