Heisenberg here, founder of The Productivists!

As you all might have already guessed, heisenberg isn’t my real name (I mean how cool would that be). My real name is Kshitij Thakre, and I am from India, currently pursuing Computer Engineering and in the final year.

I have always been a fan of people who have been encouraging productivity and knowledge management. People like Thomas Frank, Ali Abdaal, Matt D’avella, Francesco from Keep Productive, and a lot more.

The first app that I used was OneNote by Microsoft during my first year of engineering. Then I found Evernote and was eventually attracted towards Notion. And when the PKM was starting to take shape in the world of Internet, I was introduced to Roam Research. Then as the paywall hit the streets, I went out in search of other note-taking apps that can fit my needs (and are free!).

The app that I found was Remnote, and that’s when I first met discord. I didn’t know how to use it. But I saw the power of community and how people from different sides of the world were helping each other understand the ins and outs of the app. That’s when I met @Karthikk and @imalightbulb. That is how The Productivists was started.

The initial idea was to bring people onboard and help them meet their needs regarding perfect apps that suited them exactly as they wanted. We wanted The Productivists to be the hub of PKM and Productivity tools. Starting with familiar people from Remnote and Obsidian server, we were able to get by and touch people with our ideas. And today, we have come far, creating a forum (thanks to @Karthikk, @Oshyan, and @KGBicheno), and meeting people who have a broader knowledge of things.

So, I thank everyone who has made it here.


OneNote 2016 is still one of the greatest programs of all time. If it exported to plain text or something open-source, I doubt I ever would have stopped using it.

I’m so glad you found Discord. It’s the only social media platform I can tolerate. I have my own little server I can hide in when Twitter or other places get too overwhelming.

A team worthy of high praise.

I need to get my Notion back in order. Is there anything out there that’s as good at handling multiple media types? Notion is just so damn pretty.

You’re doing an amazing job, and I hope I can be of help to the community as well. Already the core group and the sheer number of app creators who have joined in has impressed me to no end.


Can’t believe I didn’t properly respond to your bio until now. :smile: But I love these posts because I find I tend to take “knowing” someone a bit for granted once they’ve been in my social sphere for a while, when the truth is I often don’t know a lot about people’s backstory!

Awesome, you guys have really done marvelously bringing people together! I am very glad to be able to help build all this further in whatever ways I can. :slight_smile:

Hah. Well, there’s Walling for “pretty”. The thing about Notion is it combines some things that are often disparate, so that intersection is really where a lot of its value lies, I think. And few apps are trying to achieve similar cross-domain functionality, and those that are haven’t yet gotten it “right” yet I think. It’s a shame Notion has been so problematic lately. I remain hopeful for Anytype, and with your DIY mindset you might prefer it too since it’s local-first, intended to be open source, etc.

Agree! And it continues to this day.