Hey, I started a Personal Knowledge Management website (pkm.one)

Hello, I am Manoj and I started a resource center for all note taking or personal knowledge management (pkm) apps. Check out https://pkm.one

Barely has a few notes, but will be adding more reviews and information on pkm apps.

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Interesting, what is your vision for the site? Will it be like a blog (you publish articles for the world to read)?

It looks like a good start, with a few notes, as you say. If it had a few hundred notes, and increasing, as a user, I think it would be difficult to discover what you have read or not. If the content is in any kind of order, it’s not obvious to me.

How do you imagine that it will be better than just posting to this, or some other forum?

I’d love to see a resource that helps make sense of the PKM universe. Do you plan to grow it into that?

Thanks for sharing.

To be honest, I have no vision for this project.

I just wanted to see how Logseq Publishing worked. I was hoping to use it to build an open source knowledge tree for PKM apps. But right now logseq doesn’t support collaboration.

Since I don’t have the energy to do this alone, I may abandon this project soon when the domain comes up for renewal.

By then, maybe the developers of logeq will have found a way to enable collaboration. Because that’s in their roadmap and also in their vision.

Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

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I understand wanting to see what tools can do. It was interesting to see what a website generated from Logseq would look like.

If you don’t have a vision for the project, I doubt that collaboration will help make it any better.

Yes. I guess you maybe right. Now it is just the enthusiasm of publishing via logseq and the note taking app ecosystem exploding after roam.

Let me know if you have a vision n this kinda thing, there is something which got you interested. What would you like a pkm resource center to provide you?

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I think this and similar forums are providing the kind of thing that I’m expecting, but I’m always interested in a new take on discovering and making sense of new PKM resources.

If you’ve read some of my other posts here, you probably already know that I’m trying to find a way to make sense of my huge bookmark collection.

Seeing what you were able to do with Logseq got me interested in finding some YouTube videos about Logseq to watch while I walk to nowhere (on the treadmill). It looks like something I’d like to try.

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No, I haven’t read any of your post, I just landed here and that was my first post here to introduce https://pkm.one

I felt there is probably not a single resource exclusively dedicated to PKM apps, I would have loved to build it, but feel scared that I might not have the time and resource to manage them. So the vision was have one resource for all PKM applications, but writing doesn’t pay well as I am in a Job and already working on a side project both of them involve writing content.

Anyway I will do a bit of my Job to keep this website on a monthly basis, so do keep checking https://pkm.one once a month :slight_smile: Whenever you want to discover a new PKM app.

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Fancy domain name! :grin: I love the idea, at least as a personal exploration of PKM tools and your own journey through them. I think those perspectives can be very valuable. I have actually been pursuing something similar on my digital garden recently, starting with this post on my experiences with Lunatask:

I encourage you to continue your project! And I think what can help make it manageable and sustainable is really just focusing it on your personal experience, not trying to make it comprehensive. I’ve found that putting my own thoughts into notes and publishing them has its own value beyond just personal note-taking, so it’s a good habit to continue practicing IMO.

Once Logseq has collaboration options, perhaps you will want to expand beyond your own individual perspective. But you can always have that core to return to, no matter who else may or may not get involved. So build that habit, that “muscle”. :slight_smile:

I would say the one thing I miss in your current Logseq-based approach is the ability to comment, to interact. I don’t know what their plans are for open collaboration, e.g. someone who is not already a Logseq user (I am assuming, like Roam, that the plan is to enable inter-Logseq user/graph collab), so “commenting” may not be coming to the tool soon or ever. If it doesn’t, it does feel like a bit of a lost opportunity to me in what you’re doing. But it’s still valuable as-is IMO.