Hi, I'm Oshyan - admin and lifelong tech enthusiast

Hi all, my name is Oshyan (“ocean”), one of your friendly community admins. I showed up in The Productivists Discord fairly recently, but I quickly got excited about some of the fascinating and well-informed conversations going on around various apps, workflows, and PKM and productivity methods. What I particularly liked was the sense that everyone was open to and exploring multiple options to find what worked best for them. The Productivists community isn’t a group of app or workflow loyalists, it’s a group of life-long learners and optimizers, always working to improve their processes and tools. So I feel like I fit right in!

It was great to connect with everyone on Discord, but I did often find myself missing some interesting conversation, or not aware of some useful prior topic of discussion that was being referenced. In real time discussions you often miss out if you’re not there in the moment. I suggested setting up a forum to help address some of these issues and @Karthikk was very receptive, so I jumped in with both feet to help make it a reality. Now here we are, just a couple weeks later, and I’m proud to have been a part of bringing this new facet of the community to fruition!

For a little background on me, I’ve been a computer and technology enthusiast since I was a kid, starting out with an Apple II and then one of the first Mac Classics, before moving on to IBM Tandys, 286s, and on down the PC treadmill). My father was a programmer (though I sadly didn’t follow directly in those footsteps), and I worked first in QA in the games industry, then in IT for many years, moving from games to education, then a tiny software company, and finally to real estate most recently. I still get to nerd out on technology at work (I implemented Fibery there recently!), and in my personal life I am a hardcore PKM, quantified self, and productivity enthusiast. I’m also an aspiring entrepreneur, like so many these days, filled with possibly dubious app or service ideas. :smile:

I use a variety of tools in my day-to-day, more than I’d like really, and I test a few more when I can. For notes I still have a lot of old content in Quip and so still have to use it regularly, but I’m moving a lot of that to Notion. Meanwhile my daily logging is in Roam, but I’m planning to move to Logseq or Obsidian soon. I use Keep and Notepad++ for quick notes. ToDoist for task management, but I’ve dabbled in ClickUp and TickTick. Hoping to try Amazing Marvin next. I’m also testing Anytype on Windows and Android, and looking forward to the Codex beta!

You can find out a little more about me and read some of what I’ve written on my website (work in progress :grinning:)

So, what brings you here?


Couldn’t have put it better myself :slight_smile:
That’s exactly what I love about the people in this community as well !

It sure has been a rollercoaster ride since you came up with that proposal and I have been enjoying this journey with you !
I am confident that this forum wouldn’t have been possible without your vision , persistence and project management skills and talents . I owe it all to you for working with me in setting all this up !
Looking forward to fostering this community on the long run , with you ! :slight_smile:


Thanks Karthikk! Likewise, :100:


Seconded, this is a fantastic execution and the perfect place to give permanence to the remarkably high quality conversation this community has become known for.

May our methods be many and may our productivity be permanent.


Even the old posts are interesting. Thanks to all of you for setting up this community. I did not realize that I had discovered it so close to the beginning.

I keep subscribing to Discord, Slack, Gitter, etc. groups, but have not yet figured out how to make sense of them.

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Ugh, yes. The thought just occurred to me, actually… I am a heavy user of an advocate for Fibery in a business context, and one of the things it does well is connect to some other systems (like Discourse!) and pull in data, then let you interconnect, highlight, and otherwise act on that data from multiple sources. It’s very business-oriented right now, but there is a part of me that holds out a little hope that the may be able to make a personally-oriented version of it some day, or at least that someone will create something similar.

I know there are tools like Readwise, etc. that sort of do this, but IMO there is too much compromise, loss of info (AFAIK it just takes in text data), and not enough features for actually relating those separate data sources to each other and to one’s own thoughts and writing. It’s for a totally different use case, but if you read this Fibery post on how to gather feedback for a product, you can get an idea of what I mean with pulling in and interconnecting info from different places. Now just imagine that but for personal use…