How do any of you guys get out of a rut? Like.... seriously hitting every unproductive branch with your face going down?

Please tell me… I am in a very very very deep and ugly rut. Unable to do nothing.

Sometimes I just let myself get into that rut for a while, let myself feel depressed and be as unproductive, useless, lazy and selfish as much as I can be. After a point my guilt kicks in :smiley: then I hastily hold on to something and climb up :smiley:


Could this help? This is why you don’t feel inspired. - YouTube
Otherwise personally I would say, just take a break, detox, just go on a road trip or something similar where you are doing something out of your comfort zone yet enjoyable. Don’t touch anything productivity related for a week and don’t even think about it. Just enjoy for a week and have fun. Personally that’s what helps me. That and Huge amounts of Food. And the Most Important Thing is Hang out with Friends and Family.


I agree with the previous two responces. If you’re in an unproductive rut:

  • Where you’re working but slowing down and producing trash

Step away and do something else without guilt.

  • Where you can’t bring yourself to do anything productive at all

Chances are you’re not looking after yourself in some way. Your sleep, diet, social, exercise, or other life patterns might need a look at.

  • Where you were very productive for a long time and now it’s gone

You’re burned out. You need to both step away without guilt and get your health (social, mental, and physical) sorted out before you dive back in.

It’s worth seeing a mental health professional and getting a physical checkup if it’s causing you distress. Also, it’s worth noting that your social health needs attention even if you think you’re an introvert or a loner. Join a club like a hackerspace or join a team sport that fits with your physical capabilities (chess/golf count as sports).


this is some really good advice!

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When I’m in a big rut, I try and take my mind off of my work, go on a walk and maybe listen to an unrelated podcast, or some artist I haven’t listened to in a while. Then I read something loosely related to my field to get the gears turning, and journal about how I’m feeling as a person. I find that, once I can best express myself and clear my mind, the better I feel and more motivated I am to get back to work.