How to access Discourse live chat!

Hey everyone, if you’re wondering how to access the new, integrated live chat function (like Discord, but right here in the forums :grin:), if you’ve already joined the @Power-Users group, then just look in the header above for a “chat bubble” icon outlined in blue :arrow_upper_right:

If you haven’t yet joined the group, you can just click the link above to view and join. As soon as you do you should see the chat option as above.

Once you access chat the first time, it will popup in a small window at the bottom of your screen. There is per-category chat and per-topic chat. I’ve enabled chat on this topic, for example, so you should be able to click on the “chat” text below to access that. To navigate between chats that you’ve joined, you can use the < left arrow at the top of the popup chat box or (my preference) you can expand the chat window to full screen, which will then show you a nice list of your chat channels on the left side so you can easily switch between them.

This is an alpha-status plugin, meaning it’s still early in development! So there are some missing features and possible bugs. But it’s an exciting new addition to Discourse, and we hope you’ll experiment and explore it with us. Feel free to post any questions you have here as a Reply, or in the Chat for this Topic.