Iian here, creator of Codex


Iian here (that’s two "i"s, weirdly!), creator of Codex, an annotation and graph-building environment which I am aiming to develop into a web-based “operating system” for all knowledge workers. Codex has its roots in the digital humanities but in the past couple of years specifically has broadened to be a multimedia, multi-window desktop environment for managing texts, annotation, video, photos, etc.

If you have any questions or would just like to talk I am always happy to catch up. And I would love to see your projects as well!

Iian (@argimenes)


Given Codex makes heavy use of it, would you be willing to start a Q&A thread on using Neo4j at some point? As soon as I retrieve my PostgreSQL database and parse it through spaCy for NER, I’ll be hitting Neo4j pretty hard myself.

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