Innovative? New app Speare, any thoughts?

So i just found out about a new app that proposes a very different paradigm for taking notes:
Speare | Meet the thought processor.

Have anyone here ever used it? What was the experience like?

I got very intrigued by the kanban-like column ease of use draggable blocks, and then the added document view on top… I would be testing it right away but im a bit short on time (and 7 days only of trial feels too short for me) - so if anyone tested or is using it im interested.

Im also interested if anyone can suggest local apps that do something similar or allow to be setup in a similar way- i prefer much more to have my writing locally, both for trust reasons and my unreliable internet, so any alternatives are welcome. I got to used to using columns and blocks side by side on apps like onenote to the point i struggle with linear documents only apps nowadays so… its enticing

Heres some more on the app:


Great new find!

In my mind this app doesn’t sit well as a note-taking tool, more like a modern, interactive, document builder that helps you beat writer’s block by allowing you to visualise in board view. I can see it being in the realm of Scriviner.

Thanks for sharing!


I’ve seen it around but never tried it. It doesn’t really seem to be aiming to do something I need, I think. But I do appreciate the seemingly new approach to blending atomicity of thought with full document creation and outlining.

There is another app that I had been thinking of in earlier discussions of your needs on Discord, and I couldn’t remember the name, but it popped back up again recently:

In particular the “Writing vs Thinking” mode switch that is demonstrated below the fold on that page. I’ve signed-up for early access but don’t know when that might happen. If I get a chance to test it I’ll definitely update in this topic!

Oh yes! I had even forgot about it!
Ive found it too, subscribed… they dont even send an email confirming the subscription. No words from then yet… so many tools im trying, no answers, it got buried in my list of apps.

Idk if i should get hyped or keep my expectations low. Would it be online only, offline, would we own our data, pricing plans…nothing

Their twitter got me hyped at first- then sad: all screenshots and videos are like my dreamapp (if it have good notes, backlinks etc too), but everything shows ios/mac ui… so im not holding my breath for something that will likely be another mac/ios exclusive (and i really really cant afford anything apple here in Brazil). Like, i can buy a used car for less then an apple computer- and i couldnt yet afford a used car. So…

Im hoping thats just like the designers personal machine and it releases multiplatform, but as with most apps nowadays i will have to wait and see

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Not surprising, it did for me too! :smile:

Indeed, it would be good to have more info about their plans, even before release. But I know many app devs also adjust plans ongoingly based on various factors, including competitor strategy, market response, etc. So they may be waiting to really solidify some of those details. But I am fairly certain it will be SaaS at the least.

Yeah, I haven’t looked into it enough to see if they ever mention backlinks, etc. in e.g. Twitter, but I did see today they are working on sketch input, which is exciting to see. It’s demo’d on iPad, but…

Yes, there is some good news here, I think. First off, on their website, down near the bottom, they do say:


Second, one of the co-founders, Tom Giannattasio, has made a web note/tasks app before! It’s simple, but works nicely, and may be an indicator of things to come in Clover (in a general sense):

According to their LinkedIn, they started about a year ago, and 1 year dev time to market is not unusual, sometimes more. Also they are YC grads and funded, which is promising. Even better, it does appear they have usable versions now in beta and being tested by a few people, and according to one of them, there is offline for the desktop app:

I don’t mean to get you more hyped on it, but it does seem fairly promising IMO vs. a number of other options. More Onenote-like than anything I’ve seen, I think. Questions about backlinks, etc. remain, but I may dig into it more. And hey, you should think about reaching out to them directly on Twitter, outline your broad app testing experience, your particular interest in the work they’re doing, etc. They just might give you access to the beta, if it’s not Mac-only…

In fact:

Ooo, @Vincer look what arrived in my email just now…

I had signed up last September as I mentioned, and no invite had come yet. But an email to the team the same day I wrote the above reply a few days ago did the trick! So if you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to get in touch with them. :slight_smile:

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