Intro - Aneesh Ghosh

Hello All,
I am really excited to join this community.

Myself Aneesh, originally from India. I am currently working in Bahrain as a Credit Analyst.

I take pleasure in reading, writing and personal knowledge management, which comes with a fair deal of note-taking and collection of various mental models over time. I rely on meditation and mindfulness as an evolving practice to develop the mental fortitude required to make sense of all this information.

I learned about the Discord forum from Karthhikk on Twitter but was finding it difficult to follow the conversations there. From my previous experience, I feel Discourse is much better suited to develop conversations around the PKM topics explored here.

My PKM journey started with Evernote back in 2015. Since then, I have been guilty of falling prey to the shiny object syndrome trying out various apps and platforms. Besides the popular one line Notion, Roam and Obsidian, I have dabbled at multiple note-taking and productivity apps like Devonthink, Omnifocus, Things, Margin Note, Hook, Text Expander etc. to name a few. Currently, I am settled on Obsidian for Note Taking and Things for Task Management.

I am here to learn from the community and help out in whichever small way as I can.

Thanks for reading this far and wish you all a great day. :pray:t3:


I have been interested in jumping into the mental models space for a while , would you be able to give me a head start by pointing in the right direction. Maybe a separate topic to introduce newbies to mental models would even be awesome! :star_struck:

Really appreciate you coming forward with this opinion and experience. It definitely ratifies our initial beliefs about how a discourse forum would be best suited for the community, that we are !

You sure are not alone my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

I am certainly going in that direction myself , mainly because of the design UI and also markdown of Obsidian.

Let’s learn from and with each other mate ! :partying_face:

Thank you for being the first topic starter of our discourse community :wink:
You are our Rock star ! :sunglasses::man_dancing:


Done, created a new post as below. Hope it helps.

Collection of mental model resources - Methods - The Productivists

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Great to have you here, and thanks for the excellent intro! Like @Karthikk, I identify with a lot of your journey, testing out lots of (perhaps too many? :smile:) PKM apps, etc. I’m also a regular meditator and I love that you mentioned that as part of your practice around these topics. It’s absolutely relevant! Being in the right mindset and remaining mindful as often as possible really allows us to engage most effectively and be our best selves. :heart:


Count me in on that. I’d be keen to hear more about how other people form ideas in their minds. There’s some very interesting history on that and I believe it was a point of interest for Richard Feynman.


This isn’t the video I was looking for, but it’s part of the same interview. Watch how Feynman throws down some brutal honesty about how mental models, or at least our imagination of a thing, can betray us without exposure to new knowledge and an appreciation for some things having no analogy.


Oh man how I love Feynman.

Interrogating my own ideation and model creation process sounds like a real challenge, and a worthwhile one, but one I’m a little disappointed to realize I haven’t done much of. Definitely worth further exploration!


It’s a running gag among my real-life social group that I have incredible self-awareness and completely shithouse self-control. When I’m sick, I can tell exactly what’s broken and where, and when I’m asked to interrogate my beliefs or thought processes, I can deep dive with extreme clarity.

Then I open my mouth and zero filters exist to stop me saying things that nobody needs to hear. :smiley:

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