Intro - Paul Rony, founder of

Hello nice to meet you all ! I am the founder of Kosmik, a knowledge management tool for individuals and creative teams.

Kosmik is based around a very easy to use drag&drop interface (zoomable) on top of a custom decentralized graph database with end2end encryption :slight_smile: happy to give you demos and beta invites !

As for myself I am passionate about computer and software history, I graduated in philosophy and did a short stint as a junior director for a small production company in France.

If you want to learn more about what we want to achieve with Kosmik you can learn more here:


No replies? Better late than never. Welcome!

The trend seems to have been towards data as data, whereas Kosmik is more visual. I actually see this visual approach as very useful. The constraint of spatial relationships is really handy for communicating things rather than making complex links.

I’ve signed up for Kosmik but I haven’t received anything in a week. I’d love to try it. I use Miro daily but it’s heavily cloud dependent so I’m on the hunt for something faster.

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No replies indeed, I can’t believe I haven’t been in here yet! I missed a flurry of posts around the end of last year and haven’t made the time to catch up yet. :grimacing: But as you say, better late than never.

Paul, you are one of the nicest and most interesting founders I have met so far! So very down to Earth and accessible, but with such great visions and ideas. I cannot wait to play with Kosmik… just as soon as a web version is available. :smile: Welcome and do share more of Kosmik with us here as it evolves!


Yes, sounds interesting. Not sure how I missed this, but thanks for the reminders. Please keep us updated as things progress.


do drop in your email with me via DM, I can fastback your request :wink: obviously Productivist members get some perks :smiley:

While Kosmik is a hybrid of local + de-centralised cloud, over the time as the app develops am sure it’s going to be much faster, but at this state it might be a little slow compared to the polished state of Miro. But I am sure Kosmik can catch up soon enough :wink: