Karthikk here , Co-founder & an "Observer of all Sorts"

So , where do I start ? I guess an intro about me would also entail an intro about how this community sprang up as well , best I start there I suppose .

The Productivists community ,as we know it , began as a Discord server when @heisenberg invited me and I’m a lightbulb ,around mid 2020 , after we all met in the RemNote Discord server. Initially , we used to hang out at the server sharing our workflows, involving RemNote mainly, which would involve a couple of video meets with other interested members who wanted to know how we used the tool . But it soon evolved into , what I like to call, “meta discussions” that would involve anything from google keeps to amazing Marvin , and GTD to how hypertext would be the future, in the same conversation.

That’s when we realised the real power of this community - a safe haven for people who aren’t tied up to any specific tool or philosophy , but are rather interested in constantly exploring the field of Productivity, PKM and the likes . It soon became evident that the fastest way to explore such spaces would be to get involved in conversations with people who came from different walks- rather “tools” - of life. Since then , this is what the community has been all about : discussing about things from a bird’s eye perspective involving any number of tools / methodologies / beliefs .

You can easily expect to find here , people from polarised systems and habits come together to reach a consensus after rational debating . The outcome would always be surprising , or at the least it would leave you more knowledgeable than before .

This is no cult , think of this more of a club to hangout with people having an indefinite thirst for exploration and knowledge .

OK , something about me now :

I am basically a Junior Doctor , from India , who’s been a fanatic of anything tech related , as far as I can remember . Give me any task and the first thing I would think about is " oh wow another excuse to put this new app that I found to test " . It was this never ending curiosity about tech and it’s day to day applications that led me to starting this community .

So , here’s to a long journey with you all :beers: !


That’s what I love about this place, it’s tool-agnostic. We can talk about the finer points of our favourite app in one tab but then compare broader PKM methods and ideologies with people whose daily driver is vastly different to ours — greatly increasing the chances of improving our selves and how we ingest, curate, and keep knowledge, rather than just learning an app ‘real good/’

You and I should have a chat about how AI is being used in the medical field when we have some more time. It’s blindingly exciting what’s coming out of that sector, and everyone involved has this look of “we’re doing it! It’s happening!” about them.

Cheers to that! I know I’ve needed a place to ‘learn how to learn’ now that I’m back at university as a post-graduate.

Great to hear about how passionate we all are about technology!


Nailed it ! That’s exactly what happens in this community :slight_smile:
Now that we have a forum platform, everyone can benefit from the wonderful conversations, no matter at what point they jumped into the train .

Haha . As a matter of fact , I wish to be trained as a radiologist in the NHS , partly because of my interest in how they head the AI application in medicine . They are definitely at the forefront and I call shotgun :grin:


Thought I had already replied to this, but I guess not. :smile:

Well, in short, I’ve been looking for a community like this literally for years. The way you describe the types of conversations that can happen, and where they can lead, is exactly what I hoped for, and I find very inspiring. So I’m very appreciative that you started this community, and excited to be a part of helping to move it forward!

And, as I’ve said elsewhere, it is awesome to get to know everyone better in these intro threads. There is so much context and history we often don’t share on first meeting someone (or even after years!), and this is a great opportunity to get a wider perspective on each of our lives.


Threaded introductions are a really nice way of exploring about ourselves and others :slight_smile: and it keeps the context neat and precise !


I’ve learned far more than I expected to from these introductions. We should make a push for more people to do them. I might do an @everyone in Discord with some encouragement.


We can organise data better and agree on methods to manage rights to these data so that we find sooner the people with whom to discuss what matters most to us and with whom to have the most useful interactions. I live to see this happen for me and others, so our dialogue can be quite consequential. We can have e.g. this conversation.


Welcome. Good to see some activity here. It has been kind of quiet for a while.

I’ve made some notes of things I’d like to share about, but have not made the time, yet. Life seems to keep me distracted from things I’d really like to do.

Your links here seem interesting. I’m not sure I grasp the ideas you are trying to convey when you point to such broad, wide reaching, subjects.

Maybe you could share a little more about the things you are linking to, to help me focus on what you are trying to communicate?

Hello, David!
We can write and talk about how sometimes life prevents you, me, and others from focusing on what we like most.
I think that I’ve linked only to a Chrome extension and to a conversation about people managing data together using e.g. programs that have been mentioned in this Discourse group. We can have more detailed conversations about topics that matter to you.
I’d like to agree with you on the fact that people should introduce themselves in order to communicate. To me, the introduction includes at least a photograph of one’s face, one’s name, and the Web address of a social profile. I’ve included these data. My Medium profile includes maybe more than 200k words, and allows people to communicate with me publicly and privately, so I could add many other words.