Need help setting up auto-sync between Mac folder and git repo

So I have decided to become a member of Flancia’s Agora and going to use Obsidian as my base driver to build my digital garden . I need to use GitHub as the repo to sync with his agora and for now have uploaded my files to a repo and shared the URL .

How do I :

  1. Set things up that every time I make changes in my Obsidian vault ,the changes are uploaded to my git repo ?
  2. How do I set up certain files to be excluded from this auto sync ?

Thanks in advance !

Is there a thread where you discuss your MD file setup for this - YAML, or otherwise constructing the text?

Am afraid not. This is the first thread regarding my MD file setup and am relatively new to using MD files as well.

I am building a hyper-text textbook (with images, multi-media, dynamic index, and choose-your-own adventure elements - and as a result I am trying to imagine the methods of organization in metadata or otherwise to allow for the outcomes I want. So I was curious what you were up to there.

I will be doing this with Obsidian Publish. It looks like they have some of the final elements to make it a proper site by January - search, maybe custom domain will be ready, tags, etc.


this is really exciting , i believe Reddy2go is working on something similar and is also basing it around obsidian as far as i know !

As far as i go , i am just trying to set up a mini garden with Agora for starters . Nothing as interesting as you guys !

Obsidian publish seems like a really solid way to go ! Looking forward to those features you mentioned !

I have notified reddy2go about this , hopefully he will jump in on the conversation soon .


@Calhistorian i’m glad you’re interested in this as well. i’ve been meaning to publish my book on play online to take advantage of the possibilities beyond the scope of physical books. however, i find even online books are as limiting with pdf/epub/kindle formats. in terms of hypertext, there’s the magic of back-linking which i’m experimenting with (digital gardens). here’s my first experiment though I’m also playing with creating a digital garden inside my ghost blog and waiting for Obsidian’s custom domain iteration.

if you’re still looking for more like me, here are some resources you might like to play with:
Joel Dueck’s Notebook
On Chatting and Thinking
Why We Interface

web publishing toys like
Vev Design

and non-linear toys for (choose your own adventure) style narratives
i-Docs for multi-perspectival thinking
Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves

i think I took y’all down a crazy rabbit hole. i personally have no idea where I’m going with all of this yet. i just want my storybook on play to read like Alice in Wonderland on LSD.

p.s. replace *toys with tools (i’m play obsessed so projects-> games, tools-> toys, collaborators-> playmates, communities/cults-> playgrounds)