Please help fill this input references gap: Reddit Mobile. Browser mobile history

Goal A: Find a reference to where I read something online, including REDDIT MOBILE and MOBILE BROWSER. Ultimate goal: Citation.

Goal B: Search once to search web notes and browser histories.

Is there a pathway for this? I already have a manual note taking methodology. This is for those times when I didn’t note something because it wasn’t important… but then it turns out to be useful later on. Perhaps I could turn Reddit SAVED PAGES into an RSS feed or something?

Memex’s ability to search both browser history and bookmarks could be useful when it is enabled again.

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Found , which manually exports an html file. Part of the puzzle is found…

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Depending on how technical you’re willing to get, Promnesia might be just what you’re looking for:

The dev is in our Discord and is happy to discuss features and issues and help with install/setup (there’s a dedicated Promnesia channel).

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