Reader View - Strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and more

Reader View is a must-have extension for me. Websites have too many visual distractions and ‘noise’ (news sites especially), and Reader View cuts through the clutter allowing me to work my way through an article - distraction-free. (I personally like the features I have put in bold below)

A list of features from their Chrome Extension site:

→ Remove distraction
→ Read in fullscreen mode
→ Remove advertisements
→ Save in HTML format
Print document
→ Read content using a powerful Text to Speech (TTS) engine
→ Edit HTML content (live editor)
Email document (with title, body, and reference to the original document)
→ Correctly display mathematical formulas (MathJax equations are Supported)
Highlight selected text
→ Move to the next and previous pages
→ Keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions
→ Resize images on the design-mode
→ Display DOI (Digital Object Identifier) details
→ Display publish date
Add persistent sticky notes