Remnote vs Roam

Not thinking about studying or creating flashcards, as for just creating a knowledge base, who do prefer to build on Remnote, what he’s missing for not using Roam?


RemNote is definitely better if your financial ability is not enough to pay for Roam Research. However, Roam Research has a bigger community (aka “roam cult”) and more vids and tutorials.

My opinion may be bias because I was a heavy RemNote user and I kinda dislike Roam. I think you can definitely give RemNote a try and stick with it because it’s design philosophy and the “everything is a Rem” way to link notes. (also the SR part)


No matter which one do you choose between Roam and RemNote eventually, creating a backup of your notes frequently (through git, manually download or other services) is recommended since data loss happened in both. You can always choose digital note taking tools like Obsidian or Dendron (in VSC), so to speak. :bulb:

(Edit 1: I heard that both RN and Roam are more stable now after some updates, but creating a backup is still recommended if you’re using note taking tools that doesn’t support local-save :slight_smile: )


Well , if your question is only about what someone would miss by not using Roam , there are a few things that comes to my mind currently , will add on more things when I can .
It’s certainly an interesting question that I would like to build upon , over time , so thanks !

What might a person who chose to use RemNote , miss by not using Roam Research :

  1. The active dev community that keeps building tools for Roam . There are a lot of JS hacks right now that definitely increases the usability and functionality of Roam . Even though there are a few developers making plugins for RemNote , it’s nowhere close to the level of complexity or activity that the Roam scene sees.

  2. The Roam Book Club - this is something I definitely envy. They have a really good social event going , where the roam users choose a book to read and make notes on a combined roam graph that can be accessed by everyone . They have weekly video conferences where quite a few interesting personalities have been known to frequent , Sonke including .

  3. The multiplayer aspect . Even though Roam hasn’t fully developed it’s multiplayer access for graphs , it is at least possible through user defined workarounds . Whereas on the other hand , it is impossible with RemNote currently to collaborate with someone else .

  4. Query system . I wouldn’t say Roam has an intuitive or very good query system even , but it sure has one that allows you to make complex queries , if you can wrap your head around it . But because Roam treats pages and blocks as different entities , and tags as the same as pages , the query isn’t all that powerful as I would like it to be . I assume that when RemNote comes up with a query system , it would be quite powerful considering the universality of Rems and also due to the various power ups.

  5. Friction less journaling . this is one of the aspects that I definitely miss in RemNote . Conaw has definitely hit a sweet spot where one can enjoy the minimalism that Roam offers and use it to his advantage . It makes penning in your thoughts really easy.

  6. Better designed filter system . Even though RemNote does have a good filter option , its not as nearly well thought out as Roam’s . Roam’s filter is very user friendly and also has a counter which shows the number of times the pages have been referenced and also its possible to exclude certain tags or pages from the references . Again , these features might eventually come to RemNote as well , once a good query system emerges.

  7. Alias + version control - These are two desirables features , for my workflows , that not everyone might need . Nevertheless having them in your arsenal is always a better thing .

  8. Tables + mermaid diagrams . These are not yet fully developed , and table has a horrible UX . Again , at least they have it .

  9. Attributes . Their full functionalities haven’t yet be unlocked , but for now a lot of people seem to be using them for habit tracking .

These are all that I can think of for now . Alternatively , if you had asked me what would someone miss by not using RemNote , I would have quite a few thoughts on that as well . But that’s a topic for another day . I will add on later , if and when I have more thoughts.

Hope this helps .


Does RN includes many multiplayer features currently?
Will definitely increase the community activities if they have one.
(Edit 1: I think the “friction less journaling” is a very good point)


I mentioned that they currently have no multiplayer support . You are on your own for now .

I agree , I would be using it more if it had a good collaboration feature.

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sorry for didn’t noticing it :sweat_smile:
All of them are great points indeed! :bulb:

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Thinking only about back-linking, block references features or connecting concepts blocks overall, do you think Roam has some advantages over Remnote?

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Absolutely not ! RemNote has Backlinking , Block references = Rem References/ Search portals, Block embeds = Portals

In fact , IMO , for the above mentioned features , RemNote has a stronger philosophy or ideology by treating everything in the tool as a Rem at the basic level . This is far superior to the approach Roam has taken , but it’s highly subjective and I am very opinionated :wink:

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