Sams_Here: An Introduction

I’m a Quality Control Inspector for a utility company (based in Michigan) that installs fiber optic cable for AT&T. I’m currently a hybernating drummer and a huge fan of jazz. I actually went to school for music - isn’t that crazy?

As for technology - I’m an app junkie looking for intervention. WAIT! Not true, do not intervene. That’s why I find myself hunting down great discussions on the current state of, and future of capturing, sharing, and collaborating our collective ‘minds’, hence The Productivists.

In my hoarding note app toolbox are: Obsidian, Keep, and Evernote plus a list of apps I’ve tried in the past that I won’t bore you with. I’m also a purveyor of fine browser extensions that help capture interesting nuggets I stumble across.

I can also be found over at ProjectMeta where I am assisting with alpha testing their new app along with community support on their Discord server.

Type at you later! - Sam


Fantastic, welcome! I love the cross-pollination that can happen so quickly, you mentioned Project Meta, I joined the Discord, now you’re over here. Good stuff. :blush:

By the way, no pressure to do so, but I actually find the journey that people have taken through the “app space” to meet their needs to be quite fascinating and even illuminating at times. At the least it sometimes surfaces unexpected camaraderie (oh, you used to use X discontinued app too!? wasn’t it great? I was so bummed when the dev stopped maintaining it! :smile:) So feel free to post a little outline of your own app history some time if you like. I might do the same…

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Yes! Good to see you here 'n there! I’ll see if my way-back machine is in order and may take you up on your nudge. I see your point about common denominators even when apps have gone to the app graveyard! Thanks for the welcome!

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ProjectMeta is new to me. Thanks for sharing. I’ve bookmarked it. I enjoy learning about new perspectives and meeting interesting people, virtually.


It’s new alright! I think they started in May of 2021. You are most welcome! Meta is off to a great start with a growing group of users.

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A list of productivity apps I’ve used:

[I’m an Android | Windows user]

For laughs: Palm Pilot III :grimacing:

Android Apps I’ve Tried:

  • Bundled Notes

  • Markor

  • Remember The Milk

  • Workflowy

  • Otixo

  • X-Plore File Manager [still use]

  • Todoist

  • Wunderlist

  • CamScanner

  • Microsoft Lens [still use]

  • Obsidian Mobile [still installed]

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How long did you test/use ToDoist? I was a user myself for several years, but never loved it. Now using Amazing Marvin, which I know is a better tool, but I haven’t spent the time to really configure it for my needs. So for the moment the main benefit I get is a separate “Habit tracker”, which is nice. But I’m sure I could make it a lot better for me with some time… What are you using now for task management, if anything?

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I also used Wunderlist and really loved it, after they fixed a number of sync issues. Microsoft ToDo is supposed be built by the same team, after Microsoft bought Wunderlist. It’s not the same, but I think it is not too bad. I’ve started using Google Calendar, for a number of the things that I (mis)used Wunderlist

ToDo seems to be pretty solid, these days. I don’t think they ever made an export facility, although they have documented a procedure which has not worked for years, for me anyway. ToDo seems to be as capable as any list program I’ve used - and I’ve tried a bunch of them. The mobile and desktop versions each have some nice features which the other is missing, but since they both work on the same data, you can pick your tool based on what you are trying to do with it.

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Wunderlist got bought out and ruined. I liked their early UI and vibe and had an account that I kept going back to. I never went all-in though. You brought up something that I think is overlooked: Using Google Calendar for things other than just scheduling - like tasks and todo’s. It’s pretty good for that reminder thing!

Hey Oshyan! It’s funny because I still have a shortcut on my desktop for ToDoist! I periodically open it up, poke around and then close it :upside_down_face:
I’ve kept my account all this time, so I still have things I’ve put in there - which I clean out when I log in from time to time. I think I even was linking it to another task via I was thinking of asking if anyone was using for a productivity flow. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet…[edit: I see it has - once - forgot about Zapier too - which I have an account with and visit every .75 years!]

As for my personal task management - 3x5 index cards at home (and sometimes at work) and now I’m experimenting with Alan Chan’s MetaProject. I always have a stack of cards at my desk. GoogleKeep is an app I have had for a long time, as well as Google Calendar (which is under-rated as a task-related app IMO)

I’m a long-time Gmail user too. But for a year now, I’ve been using for email (subscription-based). It’s by the folks at BaseCamp. I love being able to filter 1st-time senders before they end up in my Inbox. They have a solid mobile app too.