Several tag suggestions



It appears there are several tools listed. I’m torn if more should be added or they should be removed and placed in another section with one generic tag taking their place.

I like the idea of having every last tool listed someplace, but I’m wondering if the tag section is the correct place to do this?


I’m enjoying the forum.


Thank you so much for the feedback🙌🏻
We are glad you found your way here :slight_smile:

Also , just to understand your needs . Why would you want to have a tag for every tool out there ? If you would like to keep track of all the tools , I think a separate thread to maintain an ongoing list of tools based on categories would be a great option that everyone would benefit from !

Thanks indeed for the tag suggestions. The tags are not intended to be exhaustive as far as applications represented. The current list is meant to be inspiration or a “seed”, based on good part on what was already getting discussion on our Discord, and/or what was in our own lists of apps of interest. I think over time we might cull the tag list if certain apps don’t get many (or any) posts, and we can just keep it to a list of what’s useful. For now we have probably more than we need (though can add more too), just to see what people want and use…

We can start a Wiki thread (or multiple for different tool categories) to maintain lists of tools, if desired. But I’d want to make sure there weren’t already good, existing, and well maintained lists in a given category before doing a bunch of work on our own. And in the case of good existing resources we can just link to them.

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My thinking was that a tag for every tool would be a lot of tags. I was trying to suggest that one generic tag for all similar tools might make the list shorter. But I would like to know of (or create) a place where all of the tools could be easily discovered and maybe evaluated (compared).

Per your reply to my introductory post, I have already joined the Discord. I just went there again and I see there are a bunch of tools such as # codex there. Is this the separate thread you are referring to? Or did you have some other idea in another place?

I’ve been joining e-mail newsletters, Slack groups, Discord groups, Google groups, etc.

Another thought that I’ve had is to use some kind of AI (I don’t know enough about AI yet) to gather data from all those kinds of sources.

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Indeed, it would be. The question then is what problem(s) are created when you have a lot of tags? You can type to search them in the tagging area and in basic search. You can sort them in the tag view I think…

Such a thread (or threads) for tracking apps haven’t been created yet, but here (Discourse) would be the place. The areas in Discord are “channels” for discussion of each app. Personally I’m a little opposed to having a channel for every app that gets discussed or asked about, it can be quite cluttering. This may seem opposed to my feelings on tags here, the difference is only the category structure is immediately exposed, and you can put any number of tags together in combination, whereas on Discord it is all very discreet channels with 1 app per channel. It seems a bit messy and inefficient to me…

Anyway, if you are wanting a place to keep lists of apps, I think we can start 1 or more topics here and make them Wikis, i.e. editable by everyone or a specific level or group of people.

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@KGBichenoand @gereleth are our AI experts here :wink:

Not really , in discord we have separate channels for apps that invoke a lot of discussions. Let’s say you wanted to ask a certain doubt or have an app specific discussion you could go to the respective channel (eg . # codex) in discord and do the same . Or you could post a thread in Apps category of the forum with the appropriate tag to the apps that are involved .

Additionally, say if you wanted to create a public list of all tools related to a category like bookmark organisation/ note taking - you could either start a thread for each type or category of app you might wanna track or have a master thread which would serve as the wiki for all the types / categories of apps that you want to research and list

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So, if a lot of tags is not a problem, is it possible to let users add tags in addition to just selecting them? I don’t know if that is technically possible or not, or even if it is a good idea or not.

Also wondering if hierarchical tags are a possibility. I guess if it’s not possible to have a treeview in the tags drop down list, the tags could be ToDo - Microsoft ToDo, Todo - Remember the Milk, etc.

I have no idea what kind of effort that would require of someone in charge.

I like the idea of Wikis. That’s one of the options I thought of when considering GitHub as a home for such a list. They provide Wiki functionality there as well.

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I’d be OK with user-created tags, except that it’s just too easy to create similarly-named but different tags, e.g. “Roam” vs. “Roam-Research” vs “roam-research”, etc. So then we have the workload of cleaning up and maintaining tags. Not to mention some people might not understand the best use of tagging and just add a bunch of random things (it shouldn’t be used like Twitter :smile:). So anyway I do think it’s best to handle it this way, with explicit requests we can discuss, evaluate, and implement in a cohesive manner.

Hierarchy is possible, but unfortunately they do not display that way in the tagging list, only in the “tag view”. You can see here they’re organized by category:

But again the categorization doesn’t get represented fully enough throughout the system to be that useful IMO. That may change some day as Discourse is constantly evolving…

Well, let’s get one started here then, and we can always move it since we’re working basically in Markdown. So a simple copy/paste ought to be supported for the major syntax across many modern apps.

For now I’d favor a single post, using Headers and other formatting for sections, app types, etc. So I’ll go start that now and see about making it a wiki that you and others can edit. Started it here:
All Apps List - A Wiki of tools in the PKM and productivity space

Oh yes, as for your tag request, Windows, Linux, and Mac already exist. I’m inclined to hold off on Chromebook unless you have an actual and common need for it (and aren’t just suggesting it for the sake of being comprehensive). Memex exists as WorldBrain-Memex and should show up when you type “memex” in the tagging field search. Bookmarks is a good idea, I’ve added that now. :slight_smile:

Also, you are now Trust Level 2 so you can edit Wiki posts. :grin:


Wow, Thanks. My first day and I’ve already made you work. :wink:

Just FYI: I tried to make another in my long list of things to get off my chest (out of my brain) and got this message from the system:

You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 18 hours before trying again.


It’s time for bed anyway. I made a copy of the text and will try again tomorrow.

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This is generally a security limit to prevent spammers from creating nuisance . We ll definitely review it if this proves to be a common problem for all newcomers :slight_smile:

You are in fact the first member who’s been so active on the very first day ! And cheers to that !


My thoughts exactly! :100:

We’re excited when people want to engage so enthusiastically, so thank you for bringing your enthusiasm @dgarner!

Btw, the Discourse drafts system ought to retain your originally written text even if you can’t post it. So when you return today (presumably), if you didn’t ctrl-x to cut and instead copied it, check and see if your draft is still there and let us know either way. Such post rate limits shouldn’t be an issue often, but it’s good to know exactly what happens for new users when they come up.


After I copied the contents out to a text file, I clicked the don’t save button, right before I noticed that it offered to save as draft. Sometimes the fingers are faster than the brain. :wink:

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Yesterday, I was halfway through drafting my new topic and I got up to take a stretch break, and was diverted into many other activities, before I could get back to the computer. When I returned, the computer had frozen and I had to cycle the power to again gain control of it. When i logged back into the forum, my draft was sitting there waiting for me to finish, proofread and post it.

I’m finding a lot of features that I really like about this system.


Yes , undoubtedly the draft system of Discourse is one of the best I have ever seen ! I certainly love it too !

Did you know , you could start writing a reply , take quotes from a thread and then move to another and quote some from that and post it ? Now you would be able to link/ quote posts from multiple threads without the hassle of copying links and pasting them in the thread of your choice ?


Agree with both of you, drafts here are one of the best implementations I’ve seen and I love it. I grew up on old school forums and for much of my earlier years I also had somewhat unreliable power as I lived a bit “out in the woods”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So I remember well the anxiety of writing my typical long-form posts into the little temporary message windows of most forums and other online messaging tools, worried that at any moment I might lose it all. I of course created various methods of avoiding that in most cases, and even today I have a clipboard manager and text editor that auto-saves (Notepad++), and depending on the platform, sometimes I will Ctrl-A (select all), Ctrl-C (copy, goes into clipboard), Ctrl-V (paste, into Notepad++), thus preserving my message “just in case”. :grin:

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My computer hasn’t frozen for many years. When you want your computer to serve you better, you can discuss this with me. We’d agree on what to do about it.

This makes me think of a feature that I haven’t seen anywhere. I’d discuss it later. I want such features because telecommunication still needs to evolve. Most of the time we’ve had rather poor software. We need more freedom e.g. to correlate data sets.

I liked seeing that you wandered in the wild. I’ve organised hikes in the mountains and will always love nature. Finding people who carry out similar activities can be an opportunity to express e.g. feelings and views. When can you share something about wilderness?