What is it about the bathroom which inspires deep thinking?

I’ve heard people say that they do their best thinking in the shower. I’ve also heard many folks say they sing really great in the shower.

I can kind of understand the acoustics of the shower stall might have an impact on what one hears when singing, as well as the sound of the water (white noise) masking the actual audio, and the fact that no one is supposed to be listening, so one might be lulled into a sense of privacy, although that is likely better achieved by distance and type of construction as well as family size and proximity.

But, why do I have some of my most creative moments, of the day, while standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth or shaving?

One of my high school English teachers read us a poem, that stuck in my memory, all those years ago. It contained lines like “I should have written it on the wall in shaving cream” and “or scratched it on the mirror with soap”, “but I did not, and now it has vanished from my memory”.

I’m not sure if I got the working exactly correct, but I think the message is pretty close.

I carry pens and a small notepad in my shirt pocket, and have a pen and notebook next to my bed, but the creative ideas seem to come in the bathroom, when those tools are not present. The thought of soggy paper deters me from placing a pen and pad there.

I’ve thought about putting a personal digital assistant (Amazon Echo, etc.) in the bathroom, to capture my thoughts as they occur. Soggy electronics seems like a bad idea too.

Anyone else heard that poem? I’d love to get a copy of it. I have no idea who wrote it, or what the title might be. I can’t even remember the teacher’s name. My repeated attempts to locate it, using internet search have failed me.

Can anyone else relate? Where do you do your best (most creative) thinking?

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