What's your take on personal assistants - the AI kind?

We have several Amazon Echo devices and several Google Home devices. I have 3 laptops (in continuous use), so I guess I have Cortana, although I’ve never used it, that I know of. To date, I’ve not done Apple products, so I only know Siri from watching others use it on their phones. I’m also seeing other incarnations: MyCroft is one that I can recall. I think there are others out there. I’m also seeing many folks on YouTube making their own based on Python, RPI3 or higher and other hardware platforms.

How have you utilized such devices in your daily activities? Time, timers, temperature, forecasts, general queries for a search engine (famous person’s age, how many x’s in a Y, etc.).

I’ve been able to control the X-10 Power Line Control devices (lights) which I’ve used for many years. I bought a couple of sets of Wyze outlets and both Echo and Home will control them. I added some under the counter LED lights in the kitchen and my wife is really happy that she can see things better and control them by voice.

I like the way the Amazon Echo notifies of deliveries, now that I know what it’s doing. The first time was kind of weird, trying to figure it out.

I use Google Calendar and the Google Home will let me interrogate my schedule and add reminders to the calendar.

Anyone got any other interesting uses that are worth sharing?