Where do you get the most inspiration online?

https://productivists.oshyan.com/ has to be the default answer, doesn’t it?

https://www.outlinersoftware.com/ I stumbled across this site a while ago. I now try to visit it every day or two. They push the definition of Outliner to mean more like computer related Organzer or even Software and note taking Tools.

https://forum.zettelkasten.de/ seems like an interesting site. I have not dug too deeply yet, but it also seems like it might be worth a daily visit.

https://refind.com/ seems interesting. I’m still trying to get my head around exactly what it is trying to do.

YouTube Anyone else really interested in watching training videos, like I am? Learning about new things is what lures me to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes almost every morning. Time really flies when your mind is distracted.

What other competitors have you discovered to be interesting/useful?

Interesting Blogs?

How about Podcasts?

I had subscribed to a bunch of Yahoo Groups, which as happens with many good things, was bought by a large corporation and killed.

Google Groups is another, similar in functionality to Yahoo.

I see Facebook has added groups. Anyone found anything worth following?

I’ve heard, LinkedIn has some interesting stuff, including training? Guess I need to venture over there some time.

Anyone reading Newsgroups these days? I used to learn a bunch in a few of these groups. Haven’t been there in a long time. Google Groups is somehow connected as a gateway, isn’t it?

I’ve subscribed to way too many e-mail newsletters.

What have I forgotten, or am I completely unaware of that is of value?

All my inspiration I get from Twitter accounts I follow.
In 2020 my main inspiration came from reading, listening everything from Naval. Changed my life.

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I would have to agree that lately twitter has been an inspirational source for me as well !

  1. Check your pulse
  2. Ness labs
    Do check these two out . Certainly interesting materials out there .

Highly recommend following this blog .

Do you even have to ask ? :wink:

Facebook is too mainstream sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
I use it to follow academic related groups only

Yes , the past two months I have been going on a newsletter diet , where I manually unsubscribe to every newsletter that I dont finish reading regularly !
Honestly , the only newsletter that I seem to be finishing regularly are the ones that send me updates regarding the tools/apps that I use . I don’t seem to like newsletters as mediums to consume content . This has been my observation .

A lot of interesting podcasts lately ! If you are into product design , you might love this

Will surely update again on interesting resources to follow :slight_smile: